DOUNIS at Lincoln Center

The Dounis School
"Advanced Techniques Class"
with Byron Duckwall


An Introduction to the Dounis Method

The DOUNIS SCHOOL NYC and Daniel Phillips...

invite you to participate in this special 2 Class Series. (you can sign up for only 1 class)

Monday APRIL 29th & May 6th 2019
7PM - 8:30PM

Lincoln Center - The Rose Studio (10th floor of the Rose Bldg) 165 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023 (Bet Broadway & Amsterdam at 65th)

Directions…take escalator to 2nd floor then elevators to 10th floor

Admission $70 both classes $35 single class

3 ways to register...
1/   Use register button...  
2/   email... 
 3/   text/call 651-395-9157

Make sure to bring your instrument...

Secrets of Advanced technique...

1/ VIBRATO (the basis of LH technique)

  1. “The Sizzle” the spark plug of the vibrato

  2. How to balance a finger

  3. The line of the vibrato

  4. The “Rubbing exercise”

  5. General (overall vibrato)

  6. Transferring weight finger to finger

  7. Bach vibrato

  8. Vibrato and shifting

  9. and much more

2/ 3 of the Greatest Dounis Secrets for Playing Bach

  1. You have to come to find out!

3/ Sautille (Fast detache)

  1. The “Erasure Stroke”

  2. How to turn fast detaché into sautillé

  3. Isolating the fingers

  4. Keeping the impulses in the hands

  5. “Group Therapy”…group leaders, fast impulses & quick releases

  6. How to eliminate coordination problems via the “1 Finger exercise”

  7. The best way to practice fast passages

  8. Getting the proper balance of the bow hold for sautillé

  9. Improving intonation in fast passages- Memorizing the shape of the hand

  10. and more!!!

    Please bring your questions!

More Info...
Call or txt      651-395-9157