DOUNIS at Lincoln Center

The Dounis School
"Advanced Techniques Class"
with Byron Duckwall


An Introduction to the Dounis Method

The NYC Violin Studio, Dounis School and Daniel Phillips...

invite you to participate in this special class.

Monday February 18th, 2019
7PM - 8:30PM

Lincoln Center - The Rose Studio (10th floor of the Rose Bldg) 165 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023 (Amsterdam & 65th st)

Admission $60

3 ways to register...
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2/   email... 
 3/   text/call 651-395-9157

bring your instrument...

TOPICS to be covered during class...

Secrets of Advanced technique...

What are native instincts?  
What are the key principles?

1/ Following the curve (the semi-circle)
2/ One string arpeggio
3/ Paintbrush stroke ( & how to master it)
4/ Open-close (inhalation exhalation)
5/ The difference between fast and slow playing
6/ Achieving perfect alignment
7/ String levels
8/ Bow crossing principles  
9/ Fast shifts 
10/ Playing 1/2 inch above the string 
11/ Weightless frame
12/ The ideal bow hold 

13/ bow vibrato
14/ The writing exercise
15/ Spider crawl    
16/ Eliminating tensions from the bow hold
17/ 2 vibratos (legato and general)
18/ Vibrato legato
19/ Impulsing

20/ Four parts of the shift
21/ Hiding Bow Changes (rounding, thin figure 8)
22/ Feeling everything in the hands 

23/ Secrets to great Intonation

24/  Lifting (the only un-natural motion in string playing)
25/  How to implement Dounis principles in your playing 

and more.. Please bring your questions.

Call      651-395-9157