Frequently Asked Questions

Instructional Videos

In early 2017 we switched to Vimeo On Demand as a delivery platform for our instructional videos. 

You will need to sign up for a (free) Vimeo account in order to view the videos. This is very quick and easy and can be done at

Then you will need to purchase to one of Master the Cello’s On Demand packages. These are linked to from the Videos Page on this site. 

Vimeo’s help pages for On Demand can be found here.

We will continue to fill up this FAQ with any questions we may get!

Online Lessons

How do the one on one sessions work?
They are done through Skype which is a free download and is free to use anywhere in the world.

Is there any personal instruction available?
Yes. You can just sign up for One on One with a Dounis instructor.  Just click here for details.

Questions about the Dounis Methods

Why is Dounis different?
Dounis clearly describes all the mechanics of string playing. Right down to the nitty gritty. He related everything to instinctive bodily movements which unlocks the instincts of the performer. There was no technique that he could not teach. Therefore he could improve anyone’s playing and he did, including such great artists as Jascha Heifetz and William Primrose.

What are the Dounis fundamentals?
They are Dounis’ descriptions of the basics of playing like changing bows, shifting and crossing strings. Dounis proposed that mastery of the fundamentals could solve any technical or musical problem.

How can mastering the fundamentals solve any technical problem?
Because they are the foundation of everything that you do.  They are the atomic level of playing. Mastering them gives your playing freedom and ease.

How does Dounis return you to your native instincts?
By relating all the movements of playing to everyday activities.  These are instinctive movements like picking up an object, touching a smooth surface or scratching your head.  He relates these to the instrument awakening your innate abilities.