One on One


  • Learn How to Play Cello using the Revolutionary Dounis method.
  • Accelerate your learning with a qualified Dounis Cello Teacher.
  • Transform your left hand technique with the Secrets of a Natural Vibrato.
  • Develop a powerful Bow Technique by learning the Zen of the bow arm.
  • Learn the tricks of fast playing for Detache and Sautille.
  • Gain the advantage of a World Class Cello Teacher through Skype.

Our One on One sessions are Online Cello Lessons designed to accelerate the application of the Dounis principles in your playing, which is the fastest way to improve your playing.

These lessons are conducted over Skype and require a high-speed internet connection, microphone and webcam.

Lessons are also available in-person in the Minneapolis area.

All Sessions are 1 hour in length.

Are Online Cello Lessons effective?

After years of using Skype, we have found One on One online sessions to be extremely effective. Even though in the room instruction is always better, online One on One sessions often allow you to have a much higher quality instructor than you might otherwise be able to find locally. 

One on One sessions personalize the learning process by dealing with your specific issues and using Dounis methods to remedy them by re-awakening your native instincts.

After years of experience there is no doubt that Online Cello Lessons are highly effective means of learning the cello and offer the benefit of studying with teachers of a higher calibre that might not be available to you otherwise.

Since One on One sessions deal with your present level, they work for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Packages for New Students

1 Hour Session

Address specific questions

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Package of 5 Sessions

Go deeper

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Package of 10 Sessions

Transform your playing


Packages for Professional Players or Teacher Training

1 Hour Session - Professional
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Package of 10 Sessions - Professional
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Scholarships are available for selected students.

Free Consultation

Experience for yourself how Dounis's methods can transform your playing.

Masterclass Fee

Attend a Dounis Masterclass. Go in-depth into the Dounis techniques. Get your questions answered... Unleash your abilities...Transform your teaching.

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