Byron Duckwall

If you were looking for cello teachers in Minneapolis, or you can't find a teacher you like in your local area that can give you the level of help you want, then you can't find a more qualified and experienced teacher anywhere than Byron Duckwall. He has taught cello and concertized for 30 years and his students range 5 years old to 65 year old adult beginners. He has a great love of teaching perhaps because he came from a family of string teachers.

Byron's cello instruction is uniquely effective because he is one of few experts on the methods of legendary teacher D.C. Dounis. Byron's cello instruction can be summarized as "returning to your native instincts."  He also enjoys teaching online cello lessons because it connects him students worldwide. He believes it is the wave of the future in teaching and along with the powerful Dounis method.

So if you are searching for "cello teachers, Minneapolis," you are really in luck, because he is currently accepting new students at all levels locally. But if you live in Hong Kong, France, Germany, UK, Holland, or whereever, it doesn't matter beause you can receive his valuable instruction online. "I really enjoy teaching whether it's here in Minneapolis, or online with someone in New York City, Boston, Hawaii, Amsterdam or Tokyo, it is always inspiring to see people make creative leaps."  

Byron teaches cello, violin and viola routinely online where he works with professionals, intermediate and advanced students but will only teach beginning children locally in person accompanied by a parent.

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Musical Biography

Byron began his studies with his father at age 7.  He studied with many great teachers including, Joel Krosnick, Dudley Powers, Aldo Parisot, Bernard Greenhouse, Lazlo Varga, Robert Gardner, Daniel Morganstern and most notably George Neikurg. At 17, he won the Greater Chicago Youth Orchestra competition and soloed in Orchestra Hall. Soon after he won a full scholarship to the New England Conservatory. Performing the Vivaldi Double Concerto with Aldo Parisot critics praised Byron’s playing saying his "timing and resonance were exceptional.”

At age 20, Byron became faculty cellist for the Center for New Music, a Rockefeller Foundation group. He attended both Yale Graduate School of Music and San Francisco State University and has received both a bachelors and masters degree in music.

After receiving his degrees, he moved to New York City where he worked for the Metropolitan Opera Association and played in the Trio Antara under New York management. Esteemed New York Times critic Peter G. Davis wrote of his playing"...a luscious sound tempered by a sensitive feeling for the music's rhythmic lilt and subtly shifting colors."

Shortly after, Byron accepted the post of principal cellist in the Orcuestra da Estadual de Sao Paulo under Brazilian conductor Eleazar de Carvalho where he soloed on national Brazilian television.

After moving to Boston he met George Neikrug in 1987 and began studying the Dounis method. Neikrug said of Byron “His playing exhibits an effortless technique and a uniquely beautiful and identifiable tone."

Currently Byron concertizes in the US and abroad. Most recently he launched the MTC “Master The Cello” website revealing the secrets of D.C. Dounis.

Excerpts from concert by Byron Duckwall and Stella Branzburg, Jan 3rd 2011 at Sundin Hall, Schumann Fantasy Pieces Opus 73.