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10 Essential Bow Exercises

The first Master the Cello Video Package is 10 Essential Bow Exercises, which focuses on the Right Hand. 

  1. Circles

  2. The Brush Stroke

  3. Feeling the Smoothness

  4. Spiccato

  5. The Erasure Stroke

  6. Correct Arm Level

  7. Down / Up String Levels

  8. String Crossings - "Curve of the Bridge"

  9. Bow Changes

  10. The Thin Figure 8


This 2nd package The Perfect Bow Hold focuses on holding the bow naturally, comfortably and in a balanced manner.

RIGHT HAND - Bow Hold 1 - Close / Release

RIGHT HAND - Bow Hold 2 - Pencil

RIGHT HAND Bow Hold 3 Spider

RIGHT HAND Bow Hold 4 Lifting Fingers

RIGHT HAND - Bow Hold 5 - Balanced Hand