About This Site

Master The Cello or MTC is dedicated to revealing the secrets of string playing revealed by famous pedagogue D.C. Dounis.

"After decades studying with the world’s greatest teachers, I’ve never found anything comparable to Dounis.The effectiveness of his methods is unsurpassed. It is so exact, he called it a ‘science.’ " - Byron Duckwall

Why this is different…

  1. The hidden principles are revealed. These are secrets of how to do the mechanics of playing completely naturally.  
  2. You are not forced into a mold. For example...since everyone is different, you learn the principles of a natural grip and how it applies to you.
  3. There is no stone unturned. That means... Everything is described in precise detail, technically and musically
  4. It uses your native instincts.  Every principle pairs a native instinct with the natural mechanics of playing. In other words...things you can already do it, like scratching your head or picking something up are applied to the mechanics of playing. 
  5. The “musical personality” is released. When something feels easy and totally comfortable, musical expression comes out naturally.

Dedication to George Neikrug

I think many people have misunderstood George not recognizing his genius. In my time with him, he’s been a gentle and kind person. He is a wonderful artist, who plays with great sensitivity and formidable command. He paved the way for the rest of us through his transformation by Dounis. Despite all his accomplishments, he remains humble and gives great oblations to Dounis as the source.George Neikrug is the greatest student of D.C Dounis. As a result of George’s many years of work with Dounis and his students, this website was made possible. George transformed my own playing as well as many others through his own brilliance and dedication. I owe him a great debt of gratitude.