3 Ways Dounis Will Help You Discover Your Cello Genius

The reason Dounis can awaken your cello genius is because he can show you the root cause of your cello problems and how to solve them. 

To solve a problem you must know the cause...

Would a doctor prescribe a medicine for a patient without first diagnosing the illness? Of course not.

So what is the cause of your cello problems?

The answer is simple...the basics

Many players might find this hard to believe...

Cellists don’t understand the basics...such as the bow grip, string crossings, shifting and so forth. I know it is hard to believe, but if you think about it, everything that you do is based on these fundamentals. Therefore, if done correctly, your technique functions effortlessly and naturally.

Now that you know that, I can tell you…

3 ways Dounis can unlock your cello genius.

1) By Giving You a Natural Technique

Through simple remedial exercises, you can reestablish your native instincts. Using these instincts you can master the fundamentals of playing and have a powerful technique.

2) By Developing A Connection to Your Inner Voice

A cellist’s inner voice is the key to their musical expression. Studying that voice reveals the details of phrasing and gives your playing a natural musical authority.

3) By Mastering the Performing Situation

There are many more demands in a performance than practicing alone. Often performing circumstances are less than ideal. Developing a strong performance attitude overcomes this and alleviates nervousness.

Let’s go over what we have learned…

  1. To solve a problem your must address the cause.
  2. The cause of all cello problems is the basics.
  3. Dounis’ solution to unlock your genius is threefold…
    1. Mastering the fundamentals gives you precision tools to serve your expression.
    2. Connecting to your inner voice produces a natural authority.
    3. Developing a strong performing attitude puts everything into context and alleviates nervousness.