How to play Bach...Kreisler gives the greatest solo Bach performance.

What could be more powerful than this? Kreisler's playing is an unrelenting embrace of Bach's musical passion. Kreisler vibrates the very molecules of the violin and offers them at the feet of the music gods in this Divinely inspired performance! If you want to learn how to play Bach cello suites or violin partitas, have a listen.

See below for the Adagio from Bach's Sonata No.1 in G Minor for solo violin.

Merrihew who posted this on YouTube said this about it.

"I have reposted this at the correct speed. Fritz Kreisler performing the Adagio from Bach's Violin Sonata No. 1 for Victor (HMV) in 1926. Kreisler made hundreds of records but almost no Bach. Even this was not issued as a separate record. When Victor recorded Kreisler doing the Beethoven Violin Concerto, it occupied nine 12" sides. The Bach was thrown in as a filler on the 10th side. One would think that Kreisler's style was not suitable for Bach, but this is a very restrained performance. "

Thank god he recorded this, otherwise there would be nothing! Now that you have listened to this recording do you know how to play Bach better? No matter what your answer, it's hard for me to believe most people wouldn't be inspired by this performance.