The Little Known Path To Becoming A Great Cellist

The path to cello greatness requires 2 things…

          1. The right information

          2. The right attitude

What is the right information?

The right information is the body of knowledge describing the real mechanics of playing. These mechanics cover the fundamentals of playing such as changing bows, crossing strings, vibrato, shifting and so on.

What is the right attitude?

The right attitude and principal attribute of a good student is the ability to follow instructions.

Wow! Could it be that simple?

Yes, if you have the right information.  Otherwise, it won’t work!

Is there anything else?

Yes, patience or dedication. When “reawakening” your native instincts, you go through a process. You will misinterpret things and then discover your errors. Eventually you get it!

So how do I become a great cellist?

If you embrace the qualities of a good student and master the fundamentals, then your native instincts will reawaken.

Is it really that simple?

Yes.  It is the fastest and most effective way to unleash your talent, but it doesn’t replace all the hard work and dedication required. It does eliminate the frustration of failure because it works. 

Why does it work?

One reason it works is because all the mechanics are conformed to the natural physiological laws of the human body. 

Will this work for anyone?

Short answer...yes. Long answer…read the next paragraph.

Dounis was very thorough...

He took great pains to discover principles that conform to the natural physiological laws. He earned doctorates in medicine and psychology to understand the physical and mental aspects of playing. He interviewed hundreds of great string players to find what they did in common.

Who were some of his students?

Dounis helped many famous players short term with specific problems.  Players like William Primrose, Josef Silverstein and Paul Winter. Only a few of them stayed with him long term, like George Neikurg, David Nadien and Charles Libove.  

In Summary…

  1. Mastering the fundamentals is the little known path to becoming a Great Cellist.

  2. To master the fundamentals you have to be a Good Student.